Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Idea Of It

Here I am. I am here to start my blog. This is something I have tried to start for three years, but I over-think it and it never gets done. Tonight, I just want to get it started!  I have created it a couple of times and the name was always "My Idea Of It". I have that associated with a couple of email addresses, so when I tried to create it with my new email that title was already taken (of course, because I took it!).  The next best thing: The Idea Of It.  Why?  I love saying that!  I'm not the best with words, my blogging will prove that, so many times I will try to describe the gist of something and I end up saying "You know, just the IDEA of it."  My husband knows this very well and now he even catches himself saying it.   I thought MY idea of it would be very appropriate for MY blog, but regardless, you get THE idea of it.  (Ha! See it works!)

One can already hear the scattered way I think just by the way I describe the title of my blog.  That has to be a pre-req for a person to want to start a blog.  Obviously, all of us have our individual opinions, views, and different IDEAS, and I would love to have a place to ramble on about all of mine knowing that you can stop reading if you are done listening. :)

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, elementary school teacher, and a friend to many. My father retired from the Air Force when I was in middle school, so I moved around the world all throughout the first 13 years of my life. The tens years that followed that I lived in California. I graduated from California State University Chico with my teaching degree.  I now live in sunny Florida and this is my blog to give you my idea of this little world we share.

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